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Love the reason for the automatic nail gun

Why are automatic rivet guns loved by factory workers? Still have to talk about some of the high quality of the automatic rivet gun itself, the automatic rivet gun and the usual rivet gun tool have the same characteristics in one aspect, but there are also differences, the automatic rivet gun can achieve automatic Riveting, when transporting rivets, can be automatically transported, waste nails can be automatically recycled, which are all attractive to employees?
1. Since the automatic rivet gun has a variety of humanized designs, the rivet is automatically arranged, no need to be placed by hand, and there is no need to use a rivet gun to suck the nail; according to the design principle of the rivet gun, we are automatically pulling the nail The gun has been greatly adjusted. From transport to the nozzle, to the riveting, thousands of rivets are placed in the vibrating plate, arranged in an orderly manner to reach the nail, and the nail is ingeniously designed to make the rivet One through the nail tube to the nozzle, riveted one to deliver one, the customized nozzle meets the position of the product, can make a long nozzle can be used as a short nozzle, can be a grooved product or a flat product . In this way, the manual operation steps are eliminated, and the employees are more effortless and effortless to do things more easily. In addition to this, the most important can improve efficiency and save labor.
2. The application type of the automatic rivet gun is also very strong. For example, in some factories, not only do one or two products, but also use this station, you can drag it to another station, and it can be used for a variety of rivets (in the case of similar specifications). The most concerned about contemporary people is the open source and throttling. If an automatic nail gun can be used in the factory, it is in line with the needs of the factory. Not only that, but also used in many industries, such as sheet metal industry, chassis cabinet industry, building materials industry, packaging supplies industry, household appliances industry.
This is also the value of the automatic rivet gun itself, many employees are increasingly accustomed to the use of automatic rivet guns, slowly replacing the application of rivet guns. It is not the rivet gun itself, but the production process has higher requirements. The choice of automation is a development trend, and it is an inevitable choice!