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Ancient well

Gujing Distillery is a traditional wine in Zhangzhou. Produced in Ganzhou City, Anhui Province, it is a specialty of the Quzhou region. It is known as the "peony in the wine" and is known as one of the eight famous Chinese wines.
Gujing Distillery has a very long history in the history of Chinese winemaking. Its origins began in the first year of Jian'an (196 years). Cao Cao contributed the "Jiuyichun Liquor" produced by his hometown of Luzhou and the brewing method to Han Xiandi Liu Xie. With the unique style of "clear crystal, fragrant pure orchid, imported mellow alcohol, and long-lasting aftertaste", it has won unanimous praise at home and abroad.
Gujing Gongji has won the Gold Award of the National Appraisal Wine Award four times and won the title of Chinese Famous Wine. In 1988, he topped the list at the 13th International Food Expo in Paris.

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