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  • the firststep
    Through telephone, network, face-to-face negotiation, etc., it is determined that the rivets and products used by your company are suitable for use with the fly-effect automatic nail puller.
  • secondstep
    Provide your company details and rivet samples, express to our sales department, as a basis for our detailed evaluation of the use.
  • thirdstep
    We will evaluate the samples as soon as we receive the samples and inform the company as soon as possible. If you can try it out, both parties agree on the trial time and try it out.
  • fourthstep
    Try OK, provide a simple picture and written quotation, technical requirements, delivery date, payment method, etc.
  • fifthstep
    The client evaluates and signs the written contract prepared by us and provides 2,000 pins.
  • sixthstep
    The customer needs to pay a deposit (according to the contract deposit amount), in order to facilitate the payment of customers, our company provides a variety of payment methods. If you need an invoice, you must send it to your company account.
  • seventhstep
    After the deposit is received, the financial department of our company will arrange the order to the production department and enter the production process.
  • eighthstep
    Manufacture equipment as required and inform the progress.
  • ninthstep
    Shipment and dispatch technicians on-site installation and commissioning, technical training, on-site acceptance and payment according to the agreed method.
  • tenthstep
    Customer service center, product lifetime maintenance.