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  • Decker

    Black Decker always pays attention to quality management and regards quality as life. In 2001, it began to publicize and implement the ISO9001:2000 standard. In November 2002, it passed the certification audit of an authoritative certificat
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Dongguan Feixiao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Quick Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. Since its inception, it has been mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of automation fastening industry. The company's elite gathers together, and has persevered in research and Practice for 17 years, accumulated rich industry experience and advanced automatic fastening technology, and successfully applied for the "flying effect" trademark.
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Fly effect automatic nail puller tips

First, the fly effect automatic nail puller is a newly developed machine that automatically transports and pulls the rivet into the nipper nozzle. It has successfully applied for a number of patents and filled the domestic blank. It is an a

What are the brand manufacturers of custom automatic rivetin

With the increasing labor costs, the customization of automatic riveting machines is gradually moving to a higher level. From the market in recent years, the customization of Dongguan automatic riveting machines is favored by many industria
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