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Xiangxin server riveting case

Since its establishment, Xiangxin has enjoyed a good reputation in the world and has been exported to all regions of the world with its good reputation, advanced equipment, exquisite technology and excellent quality. Xiangxin has successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental system and TS16949 automotive industry quality management system certification. Since 2007, the company has been awarded “high-tech enterprise”, “Guangzhou private technology enterprise”, “standardized good behavior AAAA grade”, “five-star mold industry famous brand creation model backbone enterprise”, “key backbone mold enterprise”, “mold” The company has established honorary titles such as “Key Export Enterprises”, “Guangdong Famous Brand Products”, “Guangdong Famous Brands”, “Dongguan Machinery Mould Industry Association” and “Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center”. The company currently has more than 200 patents. .
      "Humble, courteous, grateful, and learning" is the company's employment policy. The company has established a relatively comprehensive salary system and promotion management system. The employees have annual salary adjustment opportunities, which means that talents have opportunities for promotion. The company attaches great importance to the welfare and quality education of employees. The salary level of employees is in the upstream level in the same industry. The company is conveniently located in the same location. There are many large supermarkets and leisure and entertainment places nearby, which have the most ideal working and living environment.
      In the future, Xiangxin Technology Co., Ltd. is determined to create an industry image of “excellent employers” and an excellent company that employees are proud of and respect for the society, and is committed to providing every employee with the opportunity to achieve self-worth.
      Since the purchase of the Feifei nailing machine, the staff of Xiangxin's fastening position said that the efficiency has doubled or tripled, and the management is very satisfied with this. There are a lot of rivets on the server, and the riveting is a big problem. Fortunately, such a device can solve this problem. Management said that there are still many industries in which we apply this product. We say that our product market is still very large. We told us that several of our peers can use this equipment. Thanks to Xiangxin Technology for their support, we will do it. better.

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