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Automatic nail puller maintenance knowledge

Mechanical equipment is like a human body. Without maintenance and maintenance, there will always be some small problems, and small problems will become a big problem. Equipment failure rate plays an important role in the production output of the enterprise. The primary method to reduce the failure rate is to maintain and maintain. It is of great significance to maintain the equipment through neatness, cleaning, lubrication and safety.
The fly-effect automatic nail puller is a newly developed riveting device for rapid automation, which can easily solve the problem of low labor efficiency and slow speed. The fly-effect automatic nail puller is an automatic version of the automatic rivet gun. It relies on the machine to automatically arrange and separate the rivets, and uses compressed air as the power to automatically transport the rivets through the pipe to the nipper nozzle. The staff is easy to operate, the products are super clean, and the quality of the products being hit is high.
The full extent of the equipment is based on the failure rate, and the lower the failure rate, the more sufficient the equipment is utilized. Regarding the maintenance of the automatic nail puller, Xunjie Xiaobian will follow you. Solve the maintenance problem in one step!
1. Clean the vibrating plate regularly to ensure that the vibrating plate is clean. It is recommended to use a high-pressure air gun to blow out the residue in the vibrating plate without pulling the rivet in the vibrating plate, and clean it once a day.
2. Clean the inside of the gun nozzle regularly, usually once a day or every other day.
3. Regularly add fuel to the rivet gun. It is recommended to refuel once a day.
4. Regularly clean the screw track to ensure that the screw runs smoothly in the track. It is recommended to clean it twice a week.
5. Regularly clean the nail feeding system to ensure smooth running of the nail feeding system. It is recommended to blow the high pressure gun once a week and add appropriate amount of grease in the moving part.
6. Clean the outer surface of the chassis regularly.
7. Turn off the power every day after work and when not in use.