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Why are automatic nail pullers widely used in the chassis ca

Automatic nail puller is used in many cabinet cabinet industries. As long as there is a need for rivet fastening, there is a need for rivet fastening, which also causes the market for automatic nail pullers to expand, not only in the chassis cabinet industry. It is also very suitable in other industries, such as household appliances industry, sheet metal parts industry, building materials industry, packaging products industry. There are many different types and models of automatic nail pullers on the market, such as automatic nail puller, fully automated. Nail puller.
  The automatic nail puller is relatively easy to operate and has the most applications. Most factories adopt this type of operation, and the operation is also very flexible. The automatic nail puller is a semi-automatic industrial equipment, which requires a human hand to pull the trigger.
  The fully automated nail puller is fully automated by the robot with the nail puller, the whole process can be completed independently (after setting the parameters), no manual participation is required, but the work efficiency is relatively high; artificial But it saves a lot. There are a lot of pull studs on the general cabinet cabinet. There are about seven or eight riveting people on one production line. If you use a fully automatic nail puller, you only need one person to set the parameters and the product placement. Yes.



The fly-effect automatic nail puller is a kind of equipment that can be directly used in the assembly line operation. It cooperates with the robot to make the production of the line more convenient and saves a lot of labor. It is a high-quality choice for the enterprise!
   And the fly effect automatic nail puller has the functions of intelligent counting, quantity foolproof, parameter adjustment, etc. Although different rivet specifications determine different configurations, rivet guns, structures, etc., they are the same in different functions and effects!
   As the environment deteriorates, the number of orders decreases, and the cost of labor continues to rise. Enterprises will definitely consider the cost of compression from the automation equipment, so this is why many factories choose automatic nail pullers. The industry has introduced such products in particular.
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