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Fly effect automatic nail puller tips

First, the fly effect automatic nail puller is a newly developed machine that automatically transports and pulls the rivet into the nipper nozzle. It has successfully applied for a number of patents and filled the domestic blank. It is an automated version of the automatic rivet gun, which automatically aligns and separates the rivets by means of a machine, and uses compressed air as the power to automatically convey the rivets to the nipper nozzle.
Second, the fly effect automatic nail puller is composed of the main machine and the rivet gun assembly. It is suitable for the two-layer and multi-layer plate parts of various thicknesses of various materials through the riveting operation of connecting the rivets, widely used in the chassis. Pulling operations in industries such as cabinets, lighting, automobiles, ships, airplanes, small appliances, servers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, and liquor packaging.
3. Compared with the traditional rivet gun, the fly-effect automatic nail puller has shorter nail loading and movement time, reduced left-hand movement and right-hand movement, improved cleanliness, reduced number of lost pull nails and lower personnel requirements.

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