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What are the main features of the automatic nail puller?

What are the main features of the automatic nail puller?
Nowadays, the development of the automation industry in the society is quite good, but there is still a great competitiveness in the process of development. Therefore, enterprises must have certain advantages and characteristics. There are not many manufacturers specializing in the nailing machine, but there is a market. The difference in competitiveness and development status are also different, and some of them have achieved good development in the long-term operation process. Of course, the main factor is that the equipment produced by it has advantages and characteristics that other equipment does not have.
Puller has high efficiency
The automatic nail puller replaces labor because it is efficient when used. Rivets are a common occurrence in everyday work, although they are relatively simple, but the operation is much more complicated than the lock screws. In addition to many operations, the places to be considered require certain skills. After all, the operation of the novice and the skilled hand is different. Improper handling can also cost many rivets. After using the device, you don't have to worry about these problems, because most of the operations are automated, including the rivets in the holes, fastening, the efficiency is directly improved, the equipment used Taiwan's work efficiency can replace 1-2 people's work efficiency.
Puller can save labor costs
The basic function of the automatic nail puller is to improve the efficiency. Before the rivet was put by hand, the rivet was used with the air gun. It is 2 times of the time of automatic nailing. Now, after using the automatic nail puller, the efficiency is increased by half. Two people, now using a nail puller, only one person can be used. Generally speaking, the worker in the riveting position has a monthly salary of 4,000 or so, and the annual salary is 48,000. It is not a social security, management fee, and year-end award. Wait, this way, the equipment is back to the early.
Pulling machine can enhance corporate image
In addition to the excellent product and quality guarantees in the development process of any manufacturer in the modern society, the image is also crucial. The use of automatic nail puller can enhance the corporate image. If your customers come to the factory to visit, the use of automated equipment will be refreshing. After all, the substitution of technological sense will give people a different visual experience.