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The advantages of professional custom automatic nail puller

With the internationalization of China's manufacturing industry, more and more companies choose mechanical riveting technology, and the traditional manual riveting method is slowly being eliminated. In addition, the Internet has broadened the horizons of everyone, so that the riveting industry is more and more involved in the field. At present, the application is most in the manufacturing industry of factory processing, because the product replacement time is getting faster and faster, and the process requirements are getting higher and higher. The choice of mechanical riveting is undoubtedly the highlight of the pursuit of quality and efficiency, customizing a special riveting equipment, such as cars, computer cases, lighting, water heater casings, gift sprinklers, electric ovens, barbecue pits, microwave ovens, etc. Riveting equipment will be used.
Dongguan Xunjie Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Customized Advantage: According to the shape, size, structure, material and other factors of a certain component to determine which riveting process is suitable for the product, combined with the above specific data to select the appropriate configuration, so as to design a perfect Riveting solution. Therefore, when selecting a custom riveting machine, the specific data and samples of the product are given in detail. A stable and practical tooling is an indispensable part of the customized riveting machine.
Feifei automatic nail puller is not only customized according to the needs of market customers, but also combines multiple leading technologies. Xunjie has successfully provided automatic nail pullers for hundreds of manufacturers to solve the problem of rivet fastening. Now customers have spread all over the country. Greatly save labor costs, improve production efficiency, and truly realize; liberate the staff's dull, boring, daily is a repetitive action, let the employees to do more meaningful and efficient things. At the beginning of the design, our automated nail puller equipment is designed for companies and manufacturers to consider more than twice the efficiency of the company, through clever mechanical structure, plus the most reasonable cost of materials, drawing on different industries, and advanced mechanical structure and control abroad. The combination of technology truly creates a high-quality automation device.

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