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Zhenbang foot type automatic riveting case

Looking forward to the future, Zhenbang will be based on the field of intelligent control, accelerate the implementation of talent strategy, strengthen management and improve the level of professional operation, actively explore the international market, build and enhance the international core competitiveness and brand advantages, and actively promote the use of new materials and technologies. The application of intelligent control industry, taking green technology to realize smart life as its own responsibility, implementing the capacity multiplication plan, and making it a high-level research and development base, manufacturing base and export base, and strive to become the most professional intelligence in China in the next three to five years. Control industry experts.
Zhenbang Smart Purchasing* said: I started to understand our equipment, but I have been referring to it. Others have asked about it, but in the end I still feel that our products are very good, because listening to their customers are using us. The product said that the effect is very good, so let our business go to the face of cooperation, bring back the nails and do a good test of the prototype, the results make them very satisfied, signed contracts within a few days, until now, the use of the machine Good, Miss* said that there will be more purchases in the future.
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